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Established in 1996, MMP provides a range of services to clients. We provide in-depth specialist services quickly and efficiently, putting knowledge into practice. Helping busy managers make the most of their resources, we develop effective solutions in partnership to suit their needs.

Back when we started in 1996, our focus was Medical Information, Clinical Research and Training to clients mainly in pharmaceutical companies and Contract Research Organisations (CROs), reflecting our extensive experience across a wide range of biomedical disciplines, and our capabilities. 

Nowadays, we maintain a specialist focus on Pharmaceutical Medical Information, as well as having developed specialist products and services to help ABPI exam candidates. But, we also work with major IT, Banking and Retail, as well as Pharmaceutical customers, creating and delivering learning, education and training around the world to help them develop their business super-powers. If you’re interested in developing yours, then read more about our products and services dedicated for this purpose.

MMP’s Philosophy

Two women sitting side by side looking at a contract
MMP Ltd takes care of the paperwork
providing a seamless service

MMP works with organisations, large or small, on a flexible basis, seamlessly applying a wealth of experience – working with your teams globally or locally, or setting up independent outsourced services. In short, MMP works with you – in a way that works best for you, to deliver the solutions you need – in partnership. We take care of the paperwork, getting your project up and running with the minimum of fuss.

How can MMP help you?

Sometimes you need a different perspective to help you map the details or to push a project forward. Or, perhaps you just need another pair of eyes, or hands. Perhaps you need a bit of one-to-one coaching, or informal mentoring? That’s where MMP can help.

Get in touch and Marie, our Principal Practitioner, will get back to you for a confidential, no obligation, chat.

Please read our Terms and Conditions, to give you an idea of what you can expect from us in how we do business. Please contact us if you have any questions about these terms for service, and we will do our utmost to help.

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