Medical Information Support Services

If you landed here from an email sent to you on behalf of one of our pharmaceutical clients, welcome.

Curious about who we are? Then read on…

Established in 1996, McKenzie Mills Partnership Ltd (MMP Ltd) is a specialist services provider supporting pharmaceutical companies with their Medical Information Services. Because we’ve worked with many of them closely, we’ve developed extensive knowledge about their medicinal products and associated therapeutic areas.

Many pharmaceutical companies work with external agencies to help them provide some or all of their Medical Information services. Such agencies may assist companies with their goal of providing consistent Med Info on a global scale, or they may provide specialist services tailored for the local market, where something other than a “one size fits all” standard response is needed.

That’s where we come in.

Our small but expert team has a wealth of in-depth knowledge spanning many disciplines. This allows us to provide detailed and tailor-made Med Info responses for pharmaceutical companies, like the one on whose behalf we answered your query today.

If you need more information in relation to your query, or you have another question, then please forward your request to our client’s Med Info mailbox so that your query can be logged. (Don’t worry, if it needs a specialised response, it’ll either be referred back to us, or to an in-house Med Info specialist.)


Dr Marie McKenzie Mills CBiol, CSci, MRSB


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